Played by Kelvin Fletcher, Steve is handsome, clever, kind, yet lonely...  will Steve ever find Mr.Right?


 Played by Jacqueline Leonard, Janet likes the good things in life, is  saddled  with horrific debt and always leaves Steve to pick up the bill. 


 Played by Callum Kerr, Adam would rather be on a beach in  Thailand than starting work as an intern at the Scottish  Parliament.


 Played by Rebbeca Harrod, Jayne is ambition on heels and  will do anything to get what she wants.


 Played by Hareet Deol,  Adam's best friend Josh  wears his heart in

 his trousers, and  although never sets out  to hurt anyone, leaves a  trail of broken  hearts  wherever he goes...


 Played by Mirren Wilson, Sally is  sweet and  innocent on the outside  but has a burning fire on  the  inside.


 Played by Patrick O'Brien,  Originally from outside Dublin,  Paddy is on a mission to put his  past behind him.