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Scotland’s Wild Side


Outdoor adventurer Coinneach MacFhraing

(Kenny Rankin) embraces Scotland's wild side in a new four part series for BBC ALBA.

Dàna follows outdoor enthusiast Coinneach as he climbs, runs and abseils through some of Scotland's most exciting and adventurous locations.

 Ep 1: 26/10/22 


Coinneach makes the journey over to the remote island of Mingulay, home to some of the most spectacular sea cliffs in Europe.

Ep 2: 2/11/22 


Coinneach pits himself against difficult winter conditions in one of Scotland's fearsome mountain environments.

Ep 3: 9/11/22 


Coinneach makes his first trip to the Island of Arran and enjoys discovering some its ridges and precipices.

Ep 4: 16/11/22


Coinneach seeks out unclaimed lines and challenging new routes on this remote and beautiful island.

Dàna | Scotland’s Wild Side


26/10/22 22.00

Presented by Coinneach MacFhraing

Directed by Hamish MacLeod

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