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Scotland’s Wild Side


Outdoor adventurer Coinneach MacFhraing

(Kenny Rankin) embraces Scotland's wild side in this new six part series for BBC ALBA.

Dàna follows outdoor enthusiast Coinneach as he climbs, runs and paddle boards to some Scotland's most exciting and adventurous locations.

Ep 1 (22/9/21/): Gleann Nibheis / Glen Nevis

Coinneach travels to Glen Nevis to take on a climb called 'Storm'.

Ep 2 (29/9/21): Leòdhas / Lewis

Coinneach traverses the sweeping ridges of the Isle of Lewis, tackling a long steep rock climb high above the North Atlantic Sea.

Ep 3: Loch Laomainn / Loch Lomond

In this episode Coinneach attempts to paddle the vast distance between Balmaha and Ardlui.

Ep 4: Gleann Comhann / Glencoe

Coinneach alongside alpinist Matt Glenn experience what Glencoe has to offer.

Ep 5: Sulabhein / Suliven

Coinneach attempts to run the iconic Sulivan ridge.

Ep 6: Rùm / Rum

In the final episode of the series Coinneach is in his element as he traverses the incredible Rum Cullin high above the clouds. 

Dàna | Scotland’s Wild Side


22/9/21 22.30


Presented by Coinneach MacFhraing

Filmed and Directed by Hamish MacLeod