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A brand new 6 part drama series for BBC ALBA

This contemporary, vibrant and fast paced series centres around a The MacSween family who run a tweed mill in the Hebrides.


The series opens with the business at a dramatic crossroads. With a skeleton workforce clinging onto their jobs by their fingertips, time is running out for mill owner Seumas MacSween (Ewen MacKinnon) as he tries to revive his business.

Accross the series, mysterious arrivals and illicit love affairs set age old family tensions bubbling to the fore. Set against a backdrop of the aqua marine, earthy, coarse and lusty colour palette of the Island of Harris, the soundtrack of the fast-paced looms weaving rich and textured tweed and a family on the brink of success or collapse, proves to be an enticing premise for this innovative, heartfelt, and inherently stylish drama.

Episode 1: Meal do Naidheachd An-Diugh -

Happy Birthday  

It’s make or break time at the Hebridean family run tweed mill, ‘Muileann Mhicsuain’. Time is running out for mill owner Seumas as he tries to save his business, but his corner-cutting leads to horrific consequences.

A dreadful accident takes place on the mill floor that
endangers the life of a beloved employee, Old Mary. With the family business in jeopardy, Seumas makes a secret phone call asking for help, but who is he reaching out to and why does he have to keep it secret from his family?




BBC ALBA / BBC iplayer

Episode 2: Mac Athair Fhèin – Like Father, Like Son 9/1/23

Episode 3: Fuaim an Airgid – The Sound of Cash 16/1/23

Episode 4: Cha Tig Às a’ Phoit, ach an Toit a H-Innte – There’s no Smoke Without Fire


Episode 5: An t-Eagal, An t-Eudach ‘s An Gaol –

Fear, Envy and Love 


Episode 6: An Ìobairt – The Sacrifice


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